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Rev. Karuana Gatimu is a life strategist, spiritualist and student of ancient technologies.  She is dedicated to helping people lead a more harmonious and fulfilling lives.  Ordained in 2006 as a non-denominational Reverend she has had a private practice working with individual and couples clients since 1997. Her sessions combine traditional talk therapy with her astrological and clairvoyant skills to provide greater insight and a path for action for the client.   A child of Kenyan and American parents, Karuana pursues a path of integration in all her work – between east and western healing techniques, science and spirituality, personal transformation and practical applications for behavior modification.

Ms. Gatimu is a solitary pagan priestess dedicated to the Goddess Athena and a student of ancient African spiritual traditions.  Having served as an apprentice in training for over 10 years under the tutelage of Diane Davis and her partner Queen Mason she has been trained on visualization, manifestation techniques, mineral properties and their use, clairvoyance, astrology, hands on healing and other skills as handed down.  Furthering her education and talent in hands on healing and energy work she attended classes at the Psychic Institute of Southern California and has combined all these talents with a love and education in psychology, traditional counseling techniques, behavior modification including the 12 step approach to finding balance, forgiveness and enthusiasm in our own lives.

Contact Karuana for a consultation on finding your own enthusiasm, a tarot or astrological reading or to design your own custom commitment ceremony.

You can reach her via snail mail at:

Solution Strategists
817 Torrance Blvd., #170
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
o. 310.359.0706 

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